Setting weekly medications can be time-consuming, tedious and subject to human error.

That’s why many residential care communities choose Medication Management Partners to consolidate their pharmacy services. Multiple prescriptions and prescribers, various insurance criteria and staying on top of refills add to the complexity. Without oversight, this fragmented approach could lead to unintended interactions, contra-indications, costly duplication and less-than-optimal results.

Medication Management Partners offers its clients comprehensive, value-added service that retail and mail order pharmacies simply cannot.

Mail Order Pharmacies deliver bulk, but lack the support and service necessary to manage medications holistically in congregate care settings.

Retail Pharmacieslack the appropriate systems to be effective in congregate care settings. They also leave nursing staff managing too much variation, which breeds chaos and potential errors.

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“I highly recommend Medication Management Partners! I take a lot of medicines, so I’m relieved that I always receive an accurate order. They come in clearly marked packages, so I know what I am taking and when to take it, plus they are easy to bring with me when I'm out and about.”

~ a supportive living resident