Improving Quality of Life and Simplifying Pharmacy

Commitment to Partnership

Customized Solutions
Dedicated Partner Success Team
Data-Driven Decision Making
Community and Family Engagement
Clinical Services

Operational Excellence

94% Auto Fill Rate
99.99% Accuracy
99% Cycle Fulfillment Rate
86% Participation Rate
38% Time Saved

Exceeding Standards

70 Net Promoter Score
9.4 Favorable Pharmacy Staff Rating
eMAR Expertise and Support
CollaborativeCare Programs

What Our Partners Say

“MMP’s differentiator is its people!
They will troubleshoot, provide hands-on support, and do whatever they can to advance, whatever the cause. I’d rate them a 10!”

Lore Brownsen
Chief Clinical & Compliance Officer | New Perspective Senior Living

“I can communicate with MMP smoother, easier, and quicker than with others, which is very helpful. I’ve worked with other pharmacies, and they can be a little difficult, but MMP is not. MMP reaches out verbally on the phone and with workshops that we could attend, webinars, or one-off sessions. I’s always hearing from them, whether it’s by email or phone call; MMP has been very engaged.”

Mary Graf
Director of Nursing | Friedman Place

“MMP is quick to respond to anything we need. They’re very available and willing to look at new practices. There has been no time we didn’t feel they were but a phone call away.”

Tammy Schafer
Chief Operating Officer | Heritage Senior Living