Our customer service aligns with clients’ culture and strategic objectives to offer pharmacy solutions that are built around existing operating plans and help create the desired resident experience.

More than just a friendly voice on the phone, Medication Management Partners defines customer service as going the extra mile to ensure delivery of a high quality, differentiated service that is meaningful to clients and adds extra value for the residents they serve.

In addition to accurately fulfilling prescriptions, Medication Management Partners extends its commitment by:
  • Pro-actively collaborating with clients to create efficient systems
  • Coordinating and pursuing appropriate insurance authorization forms
  • Handling prescription refills on behalf of residents
  • Identifying possible drug interactions
  • Holistically reviewing medications for interactions and contra-indications
  • Ensuring that the most effective drug is being used
  • Eliminating (with physician approval) unnecessary medications
  • Offering clients custom reporting and real-time access to medical records
  • Providing staff, resident and family education, training and consultation
  • Assistance with coordination of benefits