Medication Management Partners’ “HIGH TECH" and "HIGH TOUCH” approach improves accuracy, compliance and overall quality of care.

The RIGHT People
With Medication Management Partners, nursing staff, residents and families take comfort in knowing a licensed pharmacist reviews all prescriptions to make sure the dosages and medicines are correct, plus they inspect all orders for contra-indications, interactions, duplications, toxicity or other safety issues.
The RIGHT Process
Medication Management Partners’ pharmacists combine their clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology that is specifically designed for dispensing and packaging medications for use in residential congregate care settings. This proprietary technology allows for multi-dose dispensing, custom packaging and electronic inspection for additional accuracy.
The RIGHT Packaging
Medication Management Partners’ prescription orders are fulfilled on either 7-, 14-, 28-day or monthly cycles. Medication orders arrive in specialty onePAC packaging that is segmented for each resident and clearly labeled with:
  • the name of the resident
  • name and strength of the medicine
  • the date and time of day the medication is to be taken
  • a description of the medication.
This unique packaging system promotes accuracy and compliance, reduces errors and saves staff time while improving quality of care. Other packaging alternatives are also available.