These ten questions will help determine if a true medication management partner would offer a better solution.

1. Does your current pharmacy specialize in serving your unique needs?


We specialize in serving you!
Residentially-based congregate living communities operate dramatically differently than skilled nursing and more institutional care models. Their pharmacies need to operate dramatically differently as well.

Medication Management Partners exclusively specializes in providing services, specialized packaging and the additional support needed for residents who live in assisted living, supportive living, CILA, memory care and group homes.

2. Does your current pharmacy help ease your workflow?


We save you time and money.
Many nurses worry about dispensing medications and coordinating insurance benefits when they could be caring for residents. Medication Management Partners’ signature process promotes accuracy and compliance, reduces errors and saves staff time while improving quality of care.

3. Does your current pharmacy help drive occupancy at your community?


We offer a unique point of differentiation.
Medication Management Partners’ multi-dose packaging and industry-leading accuracy rates could be the unique point of differentiation that helps positively influence your next prospective resident.

4. Does your current pharmacy help you spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for patients?


Our job is making your job easier!
From connecting with physicians to document orders, to securing authorizations, to automating anniversary refills, we manage the whole medication process. That way you can spend more time caring for your residents and less time chasing pills and paper.
5. More than filling a prescription, does your current pharmacy help you fill a need for continuous quality improvement?


So much more than just pharmacy services . . .
Our highly customized pharmacy program is a flexible, easy-to-implement solution that helps residential congregate care communities:
- Increase resident safety
- Improve medication compliance
- Boost staff efficiency
- Improve accuracy
- Decrease liability
- Enhance overall quality of care
6. Does your current pharmacy offer on-line access to all your medication-related needs?


Full service . . . at your fingertips.
Staff access to pharmacy-related needs is a convenient click away with AccessMMP, which offers on-line, real-time access to records, price quotes and orders.
7. Do you know your pharmacist’s name?


Talk to a real person . . . not an automated attendant.
Medication Management Partners’ pharmacists and technicians are readily accessible and provide reliable and personal service. Having a “first name basis” relationship with your pharmacy staff promotes positive communication, consistency and confidence.
8. Does your current pharmacist work with you to help improve your residents' quality of life?


Expect more . . .
So much more than just filling a prescription, Medication Management Partners pharmacists:
- Holistically review all medications
- Help ensure that the most effective drug is being used.
- Help eliminate (with physician approval) unnecessary medications.
9. Is your current pharmacy proud of its accuracy rate?


We provide your daily dose of confidence!
Medication Management Partners boasts an industry-leading accuracy rate due to its triple-verification process, quality assurance and improvement process, signature packaging and well-trained and conscientious staff.
10. Does your current pharmacy offer an acceptable contingency plan for urgent orders?


Emergencies happen!
Medication Management Partners offers flexible, custom contingency plans for off-hours, including STAT, same-day delivery, back-up pharmacy support with a local pharmacy in your neighborhood and convenience box options, whichever one works best for you.

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